Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Five Minute Plate

Sometimes I crave clean and simple food: not too spicy, sweet, tangy or salty; not marinated, braised, slow-cooked or caramelized. In fact I crave--and eat--this kind of food a lot, and I think it represents an important swathe of the Ten Ingredient Project mealscape.

Additionally, let's face it: whipping up culinary wonders isn't in the cards every day.

Regardless of how complicated a meal's preparation, vegetables and fruits always deserve to be the main course. Yes! That is the single most important thing I learned about eating right.

I didn't intend to photograph or blog about this humble plate, but in the spirit of honoring not being in the mood to cook and the role that sentiment plays in ten-ingredient eating, I hereby give you...

9-Ingredient 5-Minute Lunch
Total Kitchen Time: dude we covered that. Serves 1.

steamed organic green beans plus extra virgin olive oil
raw grape tomatoes
raw cantaloupe slice
Swiss cheese (milk, enzymes, rennet)
Finn Crisps (whole rye flour, yeast and spices)

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