Monday, July 19, 2010

Parmesan Quinoa

I had a dream that Mel Gibson was pursuing me in a calculating, murderous fashion, and it was my duty as a staunch opponent of racial slurs and misogyny and a valuer of my own life to slay him. The problem was, I was too squeamish to deliver a fatal blow! In waking life, the steak knife in the eye would have probably done the trick. But in my dream he twitched and stirred back to consciousness like the Terminator while I hung back, too horrified to go in for the kill.

Eventually I did cleave him in two with a pair of swords at about the horizon line one would choose were one carving a marble bust of Mel Gibson. He collapsed in two lifeless heaps and I woke up in a sweat.

After that I really needed some comfort food. This quinoa dish is fast, hot, high protein and whole grain, and it tastes like fettuccine Alfredo. Even when I'm not recovering from murdering Mel Gibson, I whip it up about once a week. It's good plain or with any vegetable or herb that suits you. It's best not to skimp on the butter or the cheese, however.

I had a steam basket full of sweet potatoes (Vitamin A, fiber) and Brussels sprouts (DNA-protecting sulfur compounds) plus some fresh cherries (antioxidants) with my Parmesan quinoa for a filling and soothing nine ingredient meal.

6-Ingredient Parmesan Quinoa
Total Kitchen Time: 15 minutes. Serves 1+.

1/2 cup uncooked quinoa
3 sun dried tomatoes (optional)
1-2 Tbls. butter
grated Parmesan cheese (cheese, cultures, enzymes)

Rinse quinoa well, drain and set to simmer in a covered saucepan with twice the water.

Meanwhile, slice sun dried tomatoes into small pieces with a knife while banishing memories of stabbing Mel Gibson in the eye.

When grains have absorbed their water and turned translucent, stir remaining ingredients into the pot and serve hot.


  1. That's a strange stress dream, Tara. Mine are much closer to home than Mel Gibson-smile! I'm very disappointed in him lately though...Too bad, he's such a talented person.
    Oh, and I really like the idea of parmesan quinoa-that sounds like such a rustic, delicious way to eat it.
    p.s. I think you should submit your photos to Photograzing if you don't already do so. I mean, if you want (smile).

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I've never heard of the site before but it looks... edible :)

  3. My day (and last night) were much less eventful than yours, but I'll have to make this anyway. It looks delicious!