Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Five Minute Plate, and an Announcement

Well, a Five Minute Plate is an apt post to accompany the announcement that I will be away or infrequently updating the TIP blog in the coming weeks and perhaps months. Readers: THANK YOU for your overwhelming support and encouragement since the Ten Ingredient Project launch at the beginning of the summer.

School starts for me in two days, a double whammy of coursework and teaching that is already diverting my attention from food to books. How lucky I am to have two great loves! But I must budget my time in favor of books for the time being.

Being very busy doesn't mean that I will--or anyone should--sacrifice good nutrition or ten-ingredient eating. I feel strongly that simple meals centered around whole vegetables and fruits are just as important if not MORE so during periods when life is demanding a lot from us. Green smoothies and five minute plates are not glamorous or gourmet, but they have just as much amazing nutrition as exotic or involved culinary inventions.

I've been opting for very simple, clean and light meals lately, like this 100% organic plate of only three ingredients: 1 organic hard boiled egg, 2 organic nectarines, and a big heap of organic steamed spinach.

I hope you've enjoyed this summer of simple plates, and I look forward to coming back to this project when I have more time to devote to the foods that I love. Thanks again to everyone for making the Ten Ingredient Project your own! Happy eating!


  1. Hey Terita, we'll be here when you have time to start posting again. Hope you enjoy your other projects and obligations (smile)...
    My Warmest, Stella

  2. School also starts for me soon. This may be a good thing for me... one less food blog to distract me when I'm supposed to be studying! Just want to let you know your blog has been an inspiration to me, thanks for posting.

  3. Good luck with your school, and I look forward to your potential return!

  4. Terita ~ I wanted to thank you for the green smoothie information and recipe. I made it for the first time tonight with your basic recipe and it was absolutely delicious! And I HATE spinach and greens of all kinds. Thank you again.


  5. Love this idea and the simplicity of what you are doing. I'll be stopping back by for inspiration and new ideas :)

  6. I've only just discovered your blog and I adore it. For so long I've struggled with ideas of healthy eating that involve complicated recipes, which despite my love of cooking are just too time consuming for my schedule. But you've made me look at food in a different way! I feel like I can now enjoy a simple vegetable for the tasty parcel of nutrients it is rather than trying to work out how to incorporate it into a fancy meal. Thanks and can't wait for more posts!