Monday, May 31, 2010

1-Ingredient Watermelon Pops

I'll give you three guesses at the ingredient that goes into this recipe for Watermelon Pops. D'oh!

The mammoth watermelon that went into these pops came home with me from the Waldo Flea and Farmer's Market, a weekly cornucopia of antiques, live chickens, keychains of beetles suspended in acrylic, and creepy confederate flag bed sheets. The melon was way too big for the two of us to eat all at once, which brings me to the pops.

These pops take care of two Memorial Day quandaries: first, the sweet and juicy watermelon surplus, and second, those beastly store bought popsicles laden with corn syrup and red #40.

Instead of slurping on the innard-staining latter, throw some seedless watermelon into a blender, pour into molds and freeze. Sweet! Refreshing! Festive! Your kids may still be sticky, but this sticky goes to eleven.

Here's a bit of inspiring science on how watermelon works for your health. Enjoy and Happy Summer!

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